Enrollment Solutions

Enrollment Capabilities

Benefits communication during your client's open enrollment can be a tricky undertaking.  Effectively explaining the benefits to each employee can tax a lot of resources for your agency and your client's HR department.  Partnering with Synergy will take that burden off of you and your client, freeing up your time for other things.  We have the capabilities to do face-to-face enrollments, telephonic enrollments through our call center, or passive web-based enrollments with call center assist.

Flexible Group Size & Demographics

While most enrollment firms won't take a case below 300 lives, Synergy has a model that works with groups down to under 50 lives.  All groups, whether they are 35 lives or 1000+ lives, receive the same enrollment services and support from our team.  Being based in Southern California, a large percentage of our enrollers are bilingual.  This allows us to handle groups that have a majority Spanish speaking population. 

Second To None Benefit Counselors

We understand that your client and their employees' experience with our counselors is paramount. That is why we take so much pride in our benefits counselors. Each one is required to have an active license in the state of enrollment.  We conduct regular required training on all aspects of employee benefits and insurance offerings.  They will also receive group specific training before each enrollment.  This way we can ensure that you will only receive positive feedback from your client.

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