For Companies

How do companies get to work with Synergy?

Synergy works with companies by partnering with their benefits broker. If you think we are a good fit for your company, please introduce us to your broker.
Are Synergy benefit counselors paid off of commissions?
No, benefits counselors are compensated through salary or per diem. That way they can be true consultants and always put the clients’ best interests above all else.
Does Synergy only work with large companies?
No, Synergy can work with clients of all sizes, in all industries.

For Brokers

If I am a broker and I have clients that are not currently on enrollment technology, can Synergy help?

Yes, we can look at a book of business and help develop a strategy for your clients to adopt the technology that suits them best.
If my client has enrollment technology that you are not partnered with, can you still help with benefits communications?
Yes, our benefits counselors can help enroll employees on any technology, as long as we can get access. We have enrolled on ADP, Paylocity, Benetrac, Ultipro and many other enrollment technologies.
If my client does not offer voluntary benefits, can I still work with Synergy?
Yes, we have many different pricing options based on the services you would like to offer your client and the scope of the work.
Are you able to assist with Spanish speaking employees?
Yes, many of our benefits counselors are fully bilingual, and we can handle large Spanish speaking populations.

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