Voluntary Benefits Carrier Consultation

Voluntary benefits are a great way to round out your client’s benefit package and generate extra revenue. Taking the time to figure out which carrier and mix of products to implement can be daunting, though.

Some of our carriers

Synergy is appointed with the major voluntary carriers, meaning that by working through us you can get better participation requirements, guaranteed issue amounts, and pre-ex time limits.

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Consultative approach

We take a consultative approach to recommend the carrier and products that make the most sense for your client. Our broker-client executives will look at the strategy you are trying to accomplish and makes recommendations on a range of products and providers.

Rather than a spreadsheet approach, we provide a summary of our top three choices and give honest information about the strengths and weaknesses of each.


VB invoice auditing

To ensure a smooth relationship between your client and VB client, we always audit the first VB invoice.

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