Case Study

Transitioning a large association with different types of benefit coverages from paper to software

The Client’s Needs

A large association had both independent contractors and employer groups that they wanted to enroll. The employer groups could elect different benefit bundles that their employees could have access to. The freelance contractors had access to different benefits at different costs based on their gross income during the previous year.

Their Challenge

The association was using all paper for the enrollments. The Third Party Administrator wanted the association to find a way to add an enrollment technology, but due to the complex structure had not found a viable partner. The association also wanted to add call center enrollment support for members who would prefer to enroll in that manner.

Our Solution

Synergy implemented two benadmin portals on the same technology. One was designed to service the employer groups and one designed for the freelancers. A benefits cost model calculator and online questionnaire was sent to the employer groups to help determine which bundle they were going to offer. That information was then used to create unique class structures that all employer groups could be in one portal. The freelance portal had rules built in to look at compensation tiers to help drive eligibility. An inbound call center was established and benefits counselors were trained on the different nuances between staff and freelance members.


Integration onto the benadmin system went very smoothly. The call center received 1326 calls during open enrollment across the entire association. Feedback results on call center support were overwhelmingly positive. Weekly file feeds have been set up between the benadmin system and administrator, reducing their overall costs to the association by 21%.  The association has been so impressed, that they now have their Synergy call center handle enrollment for all new members joining the association, even though the original scope was just for Open Enrollment.

Whether you have a similar challenge or not, we are more than able to provide flexible solutions for any of your enrollment needs.

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