Case Study

Removing technology and language enrollment barriers for a giant multi-state company.

The Client’s Needs

A multi-state property management company has 27 locations throughout various states and time zones. Each location has management tasked with the responsibility to carry out effective open enrollment through an existing platform. Unfortunately, participation and understanding of the benefits offered were low due to lack of structure, technology, and language barriers. Open enrollment start and ending dates were announced to each location. Employees were expected to enroll in a system whose functionality was good for the company but challenging for employees who were less tech-savvy or had other language needs.

Their Challenge

How do you provide uniform benefits education among various locations and management teams? Each management team needs to play a role in ensuring the staff has completed their benefits enrollment but what should that role consist of? Many employees have expressed frustration in navigating through the current platform.

Our Solution

The benefits consultant introduced Synergy Enrollment and our suite of benefits administration platform solutions. The client was excited to select a platform that was simple for employees and met the needs of the company as well. A pre-enrollment communication campaign consisting of announcements, existing plan reviews, and new plan offerings was devised and implemented. After open enrollment meetings concluded, a call center was set up with structured appointments for each employee to meet with a benefits counselor. The bilingual virtual consultations reinforced enrollment messaging and allowed for a customized one on one experience. Management played a key role in ensuring each staff member was scheduled at a time that would be least disruptive to operations.


Open enrollment was an overwhelming success with 97% of employees completing consultations and confirmed enrollments. Employees felt supported as they made decisions that were captured and confirmed by the benefits counselor onto the new platform. Local management and HR experienced a successful implementation of a system and a few new benefits that aligned with their employee demographic. The benefits consultant experienced an increase in overall participation among all lines of benefits offered.

Whether you have a similar challenge or not, we are more than able to provide flexible solutions for any of your enrollment needs.

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