Case Study

Overhauling an entire benefits offering in 30 days with meaningful savings.

The Client’s Needs

A car dealership made a decision to overhaul its entire benefits offering with a new benefits consultant and with less than 30 days before the new plan year. The previous benefits consultant was focused on a couple of lines and neglected to present viable core benefit options that could result in meaningful savings to the company and its employees.

Their Challenge

Now that the core plans (and savings) have been identified, how to completely revamp an entire benefits offering? How do you focus employees on cost-effective plans that would save them money? All of this while maintaining accuracy during open enrollment. The number of new benefits would require an active communication strategy. An enrollment firm might be a viable option yet, the typical enrollment firm requires a minimum of 8 weeks to take on a new case.

Our Solution

Synergy Enrollment was chosen because we were flexible and could work within the shortened time frame. The open enrollment (OE) process was divided into 3 phases that included pre-OE, during OE, and post OE. Each phase was completed with a project management approach and additional manpower to accommodate the tight turnaround. Coordination and over-communication at each phase to each audience (benefits consultant, HR, and employees) would be the key to the positive outcome.


The company and its employees were very pleased with the savings on the new core benefits and invested some of the savings to additional lower-cost voluntary plans. As could be expected, a couple of missed items were discovered during the enrollment. Synergy worked to resolve these items as quickly as they came up by coordinating with the benefits consultant and HR. After the open enrollment was completed Synergy continues to train the HR team on new systems and onboarding of new employees. Synergy set up file feeds post-enrollment to handle changes, adds and terms throughout the plan year.

Whether you have a similar challenge or not, we are more than able to provide flexible solutions for any of your enrollment needs.

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