How to Find a Broker You Can Trust

With so many options out there, it might be overwhelming to find a health insurance broker you can trust for your employee benefits program. We have prepared a checklist to help you in the process of choosing the broker your company needs. So the perfect broker should be:

1. Determined to find the best plan for your company

A health insurance broker you can count on should be focused on finding the best coverage plan for your company and in your budget. They will work with you to evaluate your company and employees’ needs, understand your constraints, propose and fully explain different plans.

2. Highly-experienced

Ask around, network with other similar companies and HR managers. You need to find a broker that has worked before with companies similar in size and field. It would be perfect if they also have experience preparing plans for similar benefits’ needs and budgets.

3. Licensed and qualified

Use the state’s department of insurance database to find out the status of the broker’s license. Check their records, search for any disciplinary action taken against them. Also, review the broker’s qualifications and certifications.

4. Obsessed with legal compliance

A top insurance broker will know how to keep your company compliant regarding all the legal issues of health benefits. Choose brokers that maintain their licenses, engage in professional associations, and invest in their continuous training.

5. Focused on efficient training and communication material

Communication is the key ingredient in health benefits, enhancing or hindering employees’ decisions about what benefits to choose. Assess the brokers’ communication and training materials for employees. Also, consider their online tools to enroll and manage the employees’ benefits and the self-service options they provide.

We guarantee that your due diligence in finding a reliable broker will pay off. When in doubt, contact us!

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